Train From Alicante To Valencia: Enjoy The Ride Along The Spanish Coast

No train between Valencia and Alicante for one month september october 2019
No train between Valencia and Alicante for one month september october 2019 from

It’s 2023 and the train from Alicante to Valencia has become increasingly popular for tourists and locals alike. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean Sea and the Spanish Coast as you travel through the Costa Blanca and Costa del Azahar. Trains depart Alicante and arrive in Valencia in just over two hours, making it possible to explore both cities in the same day.

The Alicante to Valencia train line is operated by RENFE, the Spanish national railway company. Trains depart from the Alicante Train Station daily and arrive in Valencia’s Joaquín Sorolla Station. Tickets can be purchased online from the RENFE website, at the station, or at one of the many ticket offices located in Alicante and Valencia. Prices vary depending on the type of ticket purchased, with discounts available for senior citizens and children.

Types of Trains and Services

RENFE operates both regional and intercity trains on the Alicante to Valencia line. Regional trains are the cheapest and slowest option, taking approximately three hours to complete the journey. Intercity trains are the fastest and most comfortable option, taking only two hours to reach Valencia. Both types of trains have air-conditioning, comfortable seating and rooms for luggage.

Most trains offer a cafe service, allowing passengers to purchase snacks, drinks, and meals on board. Some intercity trains also have a restaurant car, where passengers can enjoy a more extensive menu of Spanish and international cuisine. Free Wi-Fi is available on all intercity trains, making it easy to stay connected while on the move.

Stops Along the Way

The Alicante to Valencia train line stops at several stations along the route, including Elche, Villena, and Alcoy. These stations are ideal for those wishing to explore the local area, as each station is just a short walk away from the main attractions. Some stations also have car rental services, making it easy to explore further afield.

The Alicante to Valencia train line is a great way to travel between these two cities. Enjoy the beautiful Spanish coastline, while keeping your travel time to a minimum. With comfortable seating, cafe services, and free Wi-Fi on board, the Alicante to Valencia train is the perfect way to experience Spain in 2023.

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